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What is GlenGuard® FR?

bulletDriver Suit fabric that the FR is part of the fiber so it does wash out for become less Fire Resistant over time or use
bulletFade Resistant– solution-dyed fiber – built-in color so it won't fade
bulletPill Resistant– unique fabric construction
bulletMade in the USA


Your driver’s suit is an investment that you want to last and maintain. GlenGuard® suits retain their FR characteristics and original color for the life of the garment. GlenGuard fabrics do not fade over time; in fact, they surpass the competitors by lasting over 160 commercial launderings, the life of the garment. We want you to concentrate on the finish line and not be concerned with the performance of your equipment.


GlenGuard ® FR is one of the safest, most comfortable, longest lasting flame resistant (FR) fabrics available for today’s drivers’.   Your racing suits will always look its sharpest and last for a long time.

Why is the GlenGuard FR the best choice for driver’s suits?

bulletFade resistant – solution-dyed fiber – built-in color and FR
bulletPill resistant – unique fabric construction
bulletThe protective clothing choice for electrical, petroleum and chemical markets
bulletDesigned for driving suits from entry level to NASCAR®
bulletDeveloped in the heart of the racing industry
bulletMeets SFI Foundations specification 3.2A
bullet9.2 Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)


Terri Popielarz #11, USA Modified Series driver, believes in GlenGuard FR, “GlenGuard FR is the most comfortable driver’s suit I have worn and continues to look great after washing it and being in the sun all day.” Terri understands that GlenGuard is superior to the competitors.  That is why she has chosen to be protected by GlenGuard at all her races.